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Manufacturing and maintenance wheel inspection

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Train wheels, whether during the manufacturing process or in-service inspection, require high productivity and allowance to adjust the profile of the different inspection zones. Each zone has its particularities, whether concerning geometry or metallurgy that influence the inspection.
TPAC provides the options for you to select the right answers to your requirement. Ultra-high speed while removing reverberation echoes, the best depth of field, automatic profile correction, and fully automatic settings are a few of the many advantages the TPAC team offers you.

The geometry of a train wheel is obviously complex. Its metallurgy can also be complex according to the manufacturing process. Inspection paths are also long in the case of the rim and the tread. TPAC proposes you different options to solve all of these problems. We can provide you a turnkey system, complete with the proper inspection probe, acquisition equipment, and software. TPAC also provides you the possibility to integrate the equipment by yourself.