Inspection of anisotropic and attenuative structures, complex materials, and complex shaped parts.

Composites is broad, our solutions are adapted

TPAC NDT brings value to aeronautical composite processing by bringing new UT capabilities for composite material whether it is a question of inspection speed, ease of inspection, or complexity of the part and the inspection itself. The unique integration ability of the UT hardware makes it possible to install our UT equipment on systems or on autonomous rover/drone f equipment.

Our new UT technologies, with their industrial grade performance, are game changers for introducing new inspection applications or replacing heavy and expensive methods (i.e. Composite fan blade CT inspection). We can address many typical applications like:

  • Boost CFRP, Ceramic/metal matrix composite, polymer, fiberglass applications
  • Look for inclusion, delamination, fiber orientation, porosity, dry fibers, …

Also deploy PE, TT, Air coupled and guided waves techniques with advanced digital processing. Some of our unique and advanced TFM techniques such as XWI with adaptive processing allows for compensation of surface complexity and strong anisotropy is.